Monday, May 23, 2016

Cody, Renee, Rowdy, Bronc and Braxton






Seems that Rowdy is about done with me!

The McClurg's

I have grown to love this family.  Rowdy has been in my oldest daughters life for years now and I have grown to know his mom and brothers and now Cody well as the years have progressed.  Renee is a good mom.  She loves her boys and her boys love her.  And they are pretty to boot!
I love watching these young men grow into themselves and become what God wants them to be.
Love you all!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Texas Tech Ring Ceremony, Blair

75 hours of Tech.  Thats what you have to have to get the ring.  Just too cool.  Lots of hard work paying off.

Friday, April 22, 2016

THESE are the times....

About the time you think you have 'em raised.... rains and the terraces fill up...

...and the bar ditches...

Some of life's best friends are made when you find yourself in a ditch...

And you have to be willing to clean one another up... or at least smear the mud to look like it was intentional...

And then throw yourselves back in the mud to make sure your really done once and for all...

And celebrate knowing you are finished.... for now...

 And wave to the world as it passes by your ditch like you have good sense..

There should always be an unsuspecting abductee!

These are the friends you will always remember...

The times you will never forget...

You may not remember exactly why you were in the mud... or the ditch... but you will always remember who was there with you...

And who helped to clean you up....

The poor dog just didn't know what to think about these girls and their mud bath.... all he knew is that he was pretty sure he needed to watch from a distance and stay well away from that water hose.  

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